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kickstart equivalent

In the redhat world it is possilbe (after reading much wrong, old, or
missing documentation ) to create a disk which will partition hard
drives, install a distribution, and set up devices.  It requires a
CDrom or an NFS mountpoint, but all configuration information is
centralized onto one file (ks.cfg)

'kickstart' is perhaps the only reason to use redhat for a beowulf.
fai is not quite the same:  for starters, it needs a bootp or dhcp
server, and a tftp server,  and it needs to know the mac address of
each network card. (it's a very nice package, don't get me wrong, and
would be an excelent choice for installing debian on 100 machines in
an office )

Is anyone out there working on a way to install debian onto a machine
by creating one boot floppy?


Rob Latham: linux A-Team                          Bethlehem, PA USA
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