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Re: kickstart equivalent

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Rob Latham wrote:

> Is anyone out there working on a way to install debian onto a machine
> by creating one boot floppy?

At work, I have a small cluster running (1 frontend and 6 nodes now, 12
after xmas). The way we do it, is the following:

* On the frontend we have installed PXELINUX (part of SYSLINUX) and
  the diskless packages. We have a NFS rootFS kernel and a "local" kernel
  for the nodes on the frontend
* We have installed one node by hand and create a tarball of / (basically,
  it's a minimal Debian installation)
* For installation of a new nodes, we boot the node using the NFS rootFS
  kernel, and run a homemade script. The script partitions the disks,
  makes file systems (RAID, ReiserFS, swap, etc.) and untar the base
  system from the tarball
* Now we can reboot the node using the kernel with support for local root

Installation of 5 nodes takes about 15 minutes!


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