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Re: First Beowulf cluster. Some pointers?

stramiello (stramiello@whiterabbit.resnet.gatech.edu) said:

> And Scyld put out their Beowulf 2 stuff... looked good, but haven't had
> time to test it... stupid hardware failures ;-)

It's great.  Really really great.  The end user won't see much
difference, but administration and installation are *so* much simpler
than the old way of separate os installs for each node.  Now all that
is missing is some 3rd party software packages (PBS, LAM, MPI-Pro --
sometimes people want more than MPICH )

Has anyone for debian started to package up the scyld stuff?  The
kernel needs to be patched, and the only other really tricky part is
they provide LFS (large file summit) support, which requires patches
to glibc and some other fileutils.  


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