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Re: First Beowulf cluster. Some pointers?

Quoting stramiello <stramiello@whiterabbit.resnet.gatech.edu>:

> > > Not everything can be clustered... it has to be specifically written in
> > > MPI to run across the nodes.
> > 
> > Or another message passing system for that purpose.
> Awww.... you're explaining my rampant oversimplification of the matter ;-)

I understood that much from mails on this list earlier... :)

> > VALinux's cluster manager software. Also, Red Hat is improving Piranha
> > too. It's very easy to find this software. Just look at these
> > companies' homepages (valinux.com, for redhat take a look at sources.redhat.com)
> And Scyld put out their Beowulf 2 stuff... looked good, but haven't had
> time to test it... stupid hardware failures ;-)

This 'cluster management software' stuff is something I've heard before. Turbo Linux
have, if I understood it correctly, specialised in cluster systems and they have/had
(?) something like that which was proprietary(?).

What's it good for, exactly? And what's it USED for? :)
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