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Re: First Beowulf cluster. Some pointers?

> What I was thinking (correct me if I'm thinking wrong here) is to
> have all the disks (only 4*105Mb) in one machine. This machine will
> have a a gfx card (Don't know which type, it's colour anyway), 32Mb
> ram (or more, if the 'clients' is fine with only 16Mb)...

I think you're going to need a larger hdd than that. To have an NFS-root
diskless cluster, you really need separate copies of the OS storied on the
master node for each of the slave nodes.

> If I remember correctly from my last potato installation (on a i386
> system), there was some 'cluster system' options... What exactly
> should I install on this?

On the master, you need dhcpd/tftpboot/nfs set up, with MPI master

On the clients, you need the MPI client packages.
Not everything can be clustered... it has to be specifically written in
MPI to run across the nodes.


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