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First Beowulf cluster. Some pointers?

I've got my hands on 15 used (Doh! :) SPARC Station 1+ in varying

My plan was to use it in my first Beowulf cluster. 

What I was thinking (correct me if I'm thinking wrong here) is to
have all the disks (only 4*105Mb) in one machine. This machine will
have a a gfx card (Don't know which type, it's colour anyway), 32Mb
ram (or more, if the 'clients' is fine with only 16Mb)...

All the others will have 16Mb ram, no gfx, no hd. Net boot from the
main system ('main node'?).

If I remember correctly from my last potato installation (on a i386
system), there was some 'cluster system' options... What exactly
should I install on this?

And for those that have a good memory, I've asked some basic questions
here before (before I had any systems to install) about usage etc.
I'm quite sure about clusters either. Can everything be clustered (ie
'load balanced'/executed on multiple CPU's etc). For example, shell
usage? Compilations? Or is it only specificly written programs that
can balance on multiple nodes?

Be gentle, I haven't even started to get this up and running :)
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