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Re: Sharing parts of /etc through nfs

"eric a . Farris" wrote:
[big snip]
> /etc/shadow machine specific? if so, how do i do this? what i want is
> to be able to change the /beowulf/etc/* files on sigemund, and therefore
> create the user on the other nodes.
I see your problem, I think. The right way of having the same users on
different machines is through yellow pages (...oops: NIS :) And using NFS to
share homes. You may build, as I do, the following:
           |-- home/
           |-- libs/
           |-- bin/
           |-- <?>
in the server. Activate NFS and NIS services and on the clients you have to
simply import "server:/usr/local/beo" onto /usr/local/beo local to the client
Obviously, the homes of beo-users should be pointed to /usr/local/beo/homes/<>

This should be ok, and let you resolv any problem you are having :) [I hope!]
About NIS: in another recent thread in this ML peoples talked about using NIS
(also for exporting /etc [but trust me, try it knowing what you are doing].
Read it :)

Hope that helps,

> If Bill Gates had a nickel for every time Windows crashed...
> oh, wait, he does.
Nice :)
If possible, I think he has half of a nickel for every time...

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