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Re: Sharing parts of /etc through nfs

You may try diskless package in Debian. I have been using it to
configure a diskless client. At first you will feel a little bit confused
about how it works. But once you went thought those scripts in
that package, you will see it is pretty useful and well fitted in
Debian. But, it is still in very early stage. Use on your own risk.

Hope this helps.


"eric a . Farris" wrote:

> i'm getting a little beowulf cluster together and am having trouble
> getting parts of /etc to be shared through nfs.
> 'sigemund' is the master node, running the nfs server and acting as
> the gateway for the other (3) nodes. sigemund has a /beowulf , which
> in turn has an etc directory, which has in it the files i wish to share
> with the client nodes.
> 'janice' is a client, and has sigemund:/beowulf mounted on
> /beowulf. janice:/etc/passwd is a symlink to /beowulf/etc/passwd. this
> passwd file has legitimate account info in it; it right now is a copy
> of sigemund:/etc/passwd. i've done the same with shadow and group.
> i ssh into sigemund fine, then telnet into janice:
> eafarris@sigemund:/home/eafarris$ telnet janice
> Trying
> Connected to janice (
> Escape character is '^]'.
> Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 janice
> janice login: eafarris
> Login timed out after 60 seconds.
> Connection closed by foreign host.
> eafarris@sigemund:/home/eafarris$
> so what gives? i know nfs is working ok, because the file systems are
> mounted. /etc/<stuff> is symlinked into /beowulf/etc/<stuff>. i can
> (well, not now, i've broken logins, but i could before i tried this)
> cat /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow, and things look ok. i made sure the
> permissions on /beowulf/etc/<stuff> match an existing system. i have a
> feeling that shadow is biting me. are /etc/passwd and the corresponding
> /etc/shadow machine specific? if so, how do i do this? what i want is
> to be able to change the /beowulf/etc/* files on sigemund, and therefore
> create the user on the other nodes.
> tia for any help you can offer.

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