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Re: Synchronized users/groups/passwords

We run a 18 node cluster here. 
However much NIS is known to be troublesome.. we've found it very useful
out here, in a closed cluster. Its just so straightforward to setup and
maintain.. adding/removing accounts etc.
Scripts usually break when the system is upgraded, or the machines are not
homogeneous (in terms of distributions etc.)

Similarly, for NFS. If you don't do IO/intensive, then NFS serves very
well for having a common view of a user's files anywhere in the cluster.

And all our machines are diskless. It runs fine with NIS/NFS.


On Wed, Oct 18, 2000 at 10:50:09AM -0600, Bock Shannon E Contr AFRL/VSIO wrote:
> Hello,
> 	We currently have an 8 node cluster running, which is going  to be
> expanded to 14 then 28 nodes and so on.  Right now, we are managing  the
> users, groups, and passwords manually on each node.  What we are trying to
> determine is whether or not to use NIS, scripts, or another means to manage
> these automatically across the cluster.  Each seems to have both good and
> bad points.
> 	What we need to determine is which would be better for our
> situation.  What kind of problems and/or experiences have been had with
> each?  Any input would be appreciated.  TIA!
> Shannon Bock
> bocks@plk.af.mil
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