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one idea would possibly be even to wait until the MOSIX
team has a release for 2.4 as there is meant to be a few changes
based around this release, one main plus is the removal of versionating.

either way it might save some timewasting on quirks and whatnot.


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> >> Fabrice Lorrain <Fabrice.Lorrain@univ-mlv.fr> writes:
>  > >  and it's in general a PITA to work with because of
>  > >  the way the process migration is envisioned by the MOSIX developers.
>  > Can you explain a bit more ??
>  Oh.  I should have said 'a PITA to work with from the point of view
>  of Debian packaging'.  Basically you have to fiddle with inittab,
>  which is bad, then you have to fiddle with the scripts in
>  /etc/init.d/, which is amazingly bad, and then you have this
>  versionate thing, which is just evil.
>  If you just say 'the hell with it, someone installing this package
>  will have to/wants to do all that anyway' you end up with something
>  which might break easily.
>  Right now I'm not working with distributed stuff, so the time I spend
>  with MOSIX is basically nil.  But I'd love to hear ideas regarding
>  the packaging of MOSIX for Debian.
>  > > If you check WNPP you'll see there's no entry for MOSIX.  I
>  > > really don't want to discourage anyone else from starting this
>  > > work.
>  > What's that (WNPP) ??
>  Work Needing and Prospective Packages, it's linked from the
>  Developer's Corner at http://www.debian.org/
>  > >  AFAIK, they do.  They should work with 2.2.15 and 2.2.16, too.
>  > Not completely, work with 2.2.15 but doesn't compil with 2.2.16 AND
>  > gcc-2.95.2-12 (last night tests).
>  Oh.  That's bad.  I remember something about 2.95 breaking some
>  compilations, but that's really old and I can't find anything on the
>  gcc docs.  The only thing that pops up is the -fstrict-aliasing
>  problems, but strict aliasing is disabled by default.  IF strict
>  aliasing is the problem, then the MOSIX code is broken (see the gcc
>  docs).
>  Cheers,
>                                 Marcelo
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