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"Marcelo E. Magallon" wrote:
>  and it's in general a PITA to work with because of
>  the way the process migration is envisioned by the MOSIX developers.
Can you explain a bit more ??

> If you check WNPP you'll see there's no entry for MOSIX.  I really don't want to
> discourage anyone else from starting this work.
What's that (WNPP) ??

>  Some stuff will change for 2.4:  versionate will be a thing of the
>  past (yay!), it sounds like it would not be so version specific, and
>  in general it might be better.
Lot's of nice surprises whith kernel 2.4 ;-)

>  > Something to look for would be compatibility with current kernel
>  > versions I guess. Do patches work all right for 2.2.14, etc?
>  AFAIK, they do.  They should work with 2.2.15 and 2.2.16, too.
Not completely, work with 2.2.15 but doesn't compil with 2.2.16 AND
gcc-2.95.2-12 (last night tests). The answer from Ariel Eizenberg from
the mosix team :
"MOSIX compiles flawlessly with gcc 2.7.2 and egcs 1.1.2 (gcc-2.91)."
Some other guy has the same pb (debian 2.2, gcc-2.95.2) and swapping to
2.7.2 solve it.
>  > Except that, I think it would be like a kernel patch package, a
>  > package for userland stuff, and a development package.
>  Yes, that sounds about right.  There's also the file system and the
>  (I beleive not yet released) shared memory thing, which might need of
>  some extra packaging depending on how it's implemented.
>  > That might not be quite the right path to hook up a distributed OS
>  > anyway :) Seriously, I'm on the side of free software and MOSIX
>  > guys seem to have made some progress recently. But I'm not that
>  > sure how the Beowulf community takes MOSIX.
>  The beowulf community?  What's that?  h/j.
Doesn't know that either ... And what's that stuff on free software and
>From what I've seen in the last version (Mosix-0.97.6), every thing is
GPLed ... 
It seems to be "free" enough for me.

>  Seriously, MOSIX is a good thing if you pay attention to what you are
>  doing (here I must say that I did have MOSIX running on a Debian
>  cluster, that is, until I moved and the cluster had to stay behind),
>  and it's relative easy to take advantage of once you understand what
>  it does and what it doesn't, why and how.
We did run a mosix cluster on 12 pII (debian slink/potato) last summer,
and it ran
pretty well.
I'm playing with a 2/3 nodes cluster from time to time at home. Until
that last release,
I didn't have much problems.



	F. Lorrain

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