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Barak Pearlmutter wrote:
> Has anyone gotten MOSIX installed on a Debian box?

not me. :)

> It looks straightforward but tedious to get all the right userland
> programs switched etc and more tedious to do it the "One Debian Way"
> with telling the package system about replacement binaries etc.  So
> I'm hoping someone else has blazed the way.

Straightforward? with some kernel patches, and a lot of peculiar
arrangements... I don't think so. AFAIK, there is no-one who has blazed
the way. Especially kernel patches are very boring to package, so the
MOSIX system has not been packaged yet. Something to look for would
be compatibility with current kernel versions I guess. Do patches
work all right for 2.2.14, etc? Except that, I think it would be
like a kernel patch package, a package for userland stuff, and a development

That might not be quite the right path to hook up a distributed OS anyway :)
Seriously, I'm on the side of free software and MOSIX guys seem to have made
some progress recently. But I'm not that sure how the Beowulf community
takes MOSIX. If you check the usual beo sites, you don't see much raving about
MOSIX. Or do you? Different needs, different ways I guess.

As you know, someday there will be a free distributed OS that is way better
than anything else on the planet, but till that day grad students have to
undergo more torment.


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