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Re: [Was MOSIX > become OT]

Hi to all. Maybe this is not the ML to say that, so I don't expect a follow-up
on this thread.

Was said:
> BTW, I think a true distributed OS will need to deviate a lot from C/UNIX
> tradition.
I'm not so sure. I like a new (but-no-so-recent) Os, called Plan 9. It's
derived from Unix and it's distrubuted. But it's also true that I feel more
comfortable with Linux and with it's limitation/idiosyncrasies. I don't know if
the kind of "distributed OS" Plan 9 claim to be, could be considered "true
distrubuted OS". However I've worked with a "strange" OS-derivation of P9,
called Inferno. And the kind of distributed services and distributed access it
could provide was very "distributed" for me :)) And, again, Inferno - is my
opinion, ok - is not so much a deviated-os from c/unix. Limbo, the Inferno's
language is very similar to C with some extra goodies :)) I think (and I hope)
that a true distributed os could get out from a "familiar" c/unix tradition, so
to build a real - and familiar - distributed cluster acting like a single
system (... and yes, why not Mach or Hurd ??).

Thank you for the time :))
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