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Re: pkg organizations...

Camm Maguire wrote:

> A good idea.  You might want to carry this idea into the general
> discussion on package organization now going on at debian-devel.  I
> think the current directory based system is being replaced by a
> database driven one, referred to as "package pools".

I'll try to do that. But as you can see from my not so prompt reply... sometimes I
cannot be in contact throughout the internet (Sigh!). And currently I'm not
subscribed to debian-devel. I will subscribe as soon as possible... I hope not to
miss anything important.

> I think we need one such person -- would you like to volunteer?
> Basically, we have a number of individuals maintaining, IMHO, a number
> of pretty high quality scientific computing packages for clusters, but
> no one with the time to work on the web page, or coordinate the effort
> as a whole.

Well, I've explained a little my situation. However I'm not sure what should I do.
For example I think I could work on a web page, if I get something to write into
:) But I've no time to actually mantain a package, sorry. And for the coordinating
the effort... well I need more infos about. I know something of the debian policy
and distribution, but I can read more. But remember that if you think at a
constant presence of me in Internet... this is not so possible, sorry again.
Sincerely, I would like to volunteer... but I don't want to start doing something
without having actually the time to do that !

Thank you for your offer. I hope that we could have a big Beowulf category inside
Debian software.


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