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pkg organizations...

 I'm relatively new to this list, but I've realized some beowulf cluster
some time ago. While looking at the organization of the beowulf components
inside the debian distribution I found a question to ask you for...
- isn't possible to put all the pkgs concerning the beowulf class clusters
inside a unique debian dir (say... stable/beowulf/...) ? 
Maybe this is not so original as idea, maybe you have already talked about
(but when?) or maybe this is not possible due to the debian policy. But I
feel, as a beowulf cluster builder and installer, that an organization
such that I've proposed here should be very appreciated. In fact, it would
be very simple to found out what is inside the category... and this is the
objective of the category organization, isn't it??? :))

Hope to see a follow up on this...


Who is/are the person building and *managing* the organization of the
beowulf packages???

-- Marco Mililotti

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