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Re: pkg organizations...


Marco Mililotti <09108480@spv24.ing.uniroma1.it> writes:

> Hi,
>  I'm relatively new to this list, but I've realized some beowulf cluster
> some time ago. While looking at the organization of the beowulf components
> inside the debian distribution I found a question to ask you for...
> - isn't possible to put all the pkgs concerning the beowulf class clusters
> inside a unique debian dir (say... stable/beowulf/...) ? 
> Maybe this is not so original as idea, maybe you have already talked about
> (but when?) or maybe this is not possible due to the debian policy. But I
> feel, as a beowulf cluster builder and installer, that an organization
> such that I've proposed here should be very appreciated. In fact, it would
> be very simple to found out what is inside the category... and this is the
> objective of the category organization, isn't it??? :))

A good idea.  You might want to carry this idea into the general
discussion on package organization now going on at debian-devel.  I
think the current directory based system is being replaced by a
database driven one, referred to as "package pools".

> Hope to see a follow up on this...
> Bye
> PS:
> Who is/are the person building and *managing* the organization of the
> beowulf packages???

I think we need one such person -- would you like to volunteer?
Basically, we have a number of individuals maintaining, IMHO, a number 
of pretty high quality scientific computing packages for clusters, but
no one with the time to work on the web page, or coordinate the effort
as a whole.

> -- Marco Mililotti

Take care,

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