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Re: Deb packages...

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 11:46:07PM +0200, Marco Mililotti wrote:

>   I'm just entered in the mailing list. I've builded some Beowulf clusters, and
> I want to ask someone for a question: is there anything packaged for
> Debian? Currently I've used recent versions of Pvm and Mpi, togheter with a
> XPvm. The only packages available where rpm, so I've builded up all from
> sources. I would like to know if someone has some news on the matter :-))

There are quite a few things already packaged - PVM, LAM, xmpi and
MPICH for example.  I can't seem to see an XPvm package.  Most of the
relevant packages are in the devel section, so I'd suggest taking a look
through there.

For MPI things are generally done better in the unstable distribution than
in stable although stable should work fine.

>  Moreover, if you are considering building the packages, which is the structure
> of the fs you are going to use? For example. On Suse package for Pvm install
> (if I'm not wrong) in /usr/lib. It's only my opinion but I hope that Debian
> wouldn't follow this direction. For example: I'm using only one directory
> called "/usr/local/beowulf" under which I manage the libs and anything else. I
> would like that libs for Beo clusters be on separate path. However if you have
> already realized the pack.... where is it??

Debian packages should all put their programs into the standard /usr
directories.  What advantage do you see in seperating out things?

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