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Deb packages...

  I'm just entered in the mailing list. I've builded some Beowulf clusters, and
I want to ask someone for a question: is there anything packaged for
Debian? Currently I've used recent versions of Pvm and Mpi, togheter with a
XPvm. The only packages available where rpm, so I've builded up all from
sources. I would like to know if someone has some news on the matter :-))
 Moreover, if you are considering building the packages, which is the structure
of the fs you are going to use? For example. On Suse package for Pvm install
(if I'm not wrong) in /usr/lib. It's only my opinion but I hope that Debian
wouldn't follow this direction. For example: I'm using only one directory
called "/usr/local/beowulf" under which I manage the libs and anything else. I
would like that libs for Beo clusters be on separate path. However if you have
already realized the pack.... where is it??

Thank you,

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