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Handling of renamed source packages


I’ve uploaded updated backports for MuseScore (2 and 3),
but the source packages were renamed in testing/sid because…

… it’s a bit complicated. (See below, if you want the full

Do I need to file manual removal requests for the packages
for src:musescore, source and/or binaries, once they are

(Also, considering the source packages are merely renamed,
this might be taken as a hint to speed up backports-NEW…)


Originally, src:musescore 2.x built musescore 2.x
(and musescore-common and -dbgsym, but let’s ignore them for now)

Then, MuseScore 3 arrived. It was clear-ish that this would
not be the best solution for old scores as the layout engine
changed in an incompatible way, but upstream made it clear
they’d not continue 2.x development, not even to fix, say,
incompatibilities with new Qt versions.

So I made src:musescore 3.x build musescore3 3.x after buster
so users had musescore 2.x (from buster) and musescore3 3.x
(from buster-backports) coinstallable, and the former would
just eventually go away.

In the meantime, though, I continued working on the former¹,
and, in addition, upstream made it clear that they expect
people to keep the old version around for a long time (even
if they don’t officially support it; a Qt5.12 fix found its
way to us from one of the core contributors, so some support
is there, and I’ve backported quite some fixes from the 3.x
series myself), and, more importantly, that this will also
be the situation for MuseScore 4.

① using both versions myself, on sid and occasionally in
  {,old}stable chroots, also backporting to various *buntu
  LTSes in a PPA where even more actual users exist…

So we now have this in testing/sid:

src:musescore2 2.x → musescore 2.x (Provides: musescore2)
src:musescore3 3.x → musescore3 3.x

This will be added once ready (probably post-bullseye):

src:musescore4 4.x → musescore4 4.x

I’m updating buster-backports and stretch-backports-sloppy
with the newer binary packages built from the renamed source
packages. (It took a bit for the rename to pass ftpmaster NEW,
there were some changes in the meantime.)

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