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Re: (newbie) correct way to update versions for bpo

Am Donnerstag, den 05.11.2020, 20:29 +0100 schrieb mousebot:
> i'm a debian user learning (trying) how to help out with packaging some
> (simple) backports.
> i have done a full test process, building using cowbuilder, with a package
> from testing, and uploaded it to mentors.debian.net. but i'm unsure how to
> change the version information correctly so that it actually appears as a
> backport. when my build is uploaded it doesn't have a ~bpo suffix and is
> listed as being in unstable.
> the docs at https://wiki.debian.org/BuildingFormalBackports#Using_pbuilder
> are apparently outdated/unreliable, and the backporting contribute page (htt
> ps://backports.debian.org/Contribute/#index4h3) only says:
> " Please don't use unstable or stable as target distribution. Append
> "~bpo${release}+${build}" to the version number, e.g. "1.2-3" becomes "1.2-
> 3~bpo10+1" (or use dch --bpo). "

Use `dch --bpo`.

> i ran dcu --bpo before building, and saved the changelog file, but it seems
> to have no effect on the actual build. none of the debian metadata files show
> ~bpo in the version. are there other things i need to do / am i missing a
> (glaring) step in the process? sorry for my fumbling but the process seems
> still pretty opaque to me after lots of reading.

Which command do you use to build the package? You cannot run the builder
command using the .dsc file from testing. After updating debian/changelog you
need to run the builder command inside the package source tree. It doesn't
matter what you use actually use: dpkg-buildpackage, debuild, pbuilder,
pdebuild, cowbuilder, sbuild, ...

The usual way is:

- get the source and cd into the source tree
- add a changelog entry for backports
- make necessary changes to the source to build for stable (if necessary)
- build the source tree in a clean stable environment

It might help if you describe your setup in more detail.

Regards, Daniel
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