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Re: PhpMyAdmin is open for adoption

Hi Louis,

Thanks a lot, I'll give a try to adminer to our databases admins, but I'm quite sure they will waiting for phpmyadmin php 7.3 compliant.

But for the moment, they had to use adminer.

Thanks again for the tip.

Best Regards.

Le 31/07/2019 à 10:12, L.P.H. van Belle a écrit :

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Verzonden: woensdag 31 juli 2019 10:06
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Onderwerp: Re: PhpMyAdmin is open for adoption

I did the same, just put it into /srv/web/phpmyadmin, create the
necessary Alias configuration and you are more or less done.
Yes, more or less done.. 
How do you handle future upgrades and security updates.. 

I would go for : https://packages.debian.org/buster/adminer 
If you really need a web bases management tool. 

Current phpmyadmin is not php 7.3 compliant. ( up to php 7.2 ) 
Phpmyadmin 5.0alpha.. That supports php 7.3 
But .. its alpha.. Good to start building but not for use in production. 

Thats why i suggest adminer.





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