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Re: PhpMyAdmin is open for adoption


Thanks for the link.

I see that Matthias Blümel had a working version of PhpMyAdmin 4.8.5 on https://salsa.debian.org/blaimi-guest/phpmyadmin on this mail and a lot of recent projects on https://salsa.debian.org/explore/projects?name=php&sort=name_asc&utf8=%E2%9C%93&name=phpmyadmin&sort=name_asc.

All that projects are sources, but I need some help (URL) to product deb file from sources. I'm currently not a Debian maintainer, I never product deb package, but with a little help from my friends (Joe Cocker said) maybe I can do that. I know that maintain a package is very difficult due to the lots of security bugs I saw on CERT list.

Le 30/07/2019 à 18:31, Geert Stappers a écrit :
On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 05:10:12PM +0200, Sven Hartge wrote:
On 30.07.19 16:11, JdT wrote:

PhpMyAdmin has disappeared from Buster's depots, but it is present in sid.

Can we expect to see this package arrive in buster-backports soon?
Judging from the ancient version in Sid and the lack of any maintainer
activity since July 2017 I think the package will rather be removed from
Debian completely than be uploaded into buster-backports in its current

phpmyadmin has been open for adoptions since December 2017,

but nobody so far stepped up to take it.

Consider the package practically orphaned for now.

Yes, it is OK to break the agreement "Somebody should do it".

Geert Stappers

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