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Re: Request to fast track gitlab dependencies

     Hi there.

* Pirate Praveen <praveen@onenetbeyond.org> [2018-12-16 13:20:29 CET]:
> On 10/29/18 8:16 PM, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> > On Mon, 29 Oct 2018, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> >> The next point release for "stretch" (9.6) is scheduled for Saturday,
> >> November 10th. Gitlab 8.13 is scheduled to be removed from the archive
> >> with this release. It would be good if we can have gitlab 10.8.7 in
> >> stretch-backports by then. So the release notes can mention about
> >> availability of a newer version.

 I think you misunderstand the purpose of backports.  It is to offer
newer features from an upcoming release onto a current stable release.
Given that gitlab is to get removed from testing it won't be in an
upcoming release.  Packages in backports are meant to be release ready.
If we won't ship the package with the next stable release that's a clear
sign that we don't deem it release ready, do we.

> I am able to provide the latest security updates via my personal repo at
> https://people.debian.org/~praveen/gitlab-11/ (gitlab 11.5.4) but really
> like this to be in official stretch-backports repo.

 For now a personal repository seems to be a good choice.

> I'm willing to volunteer for backports ftp team.

 Please don't volunteer for the team if you just want to do it for your
personal gain, and to circumvent the guidelines we have set up.  Writing
bugreport entries like this clearly shows you don't understand the
rules of backports:

| Would it be okay to close this bug after buster release? That would
| make it possible to provide newer versions via buster-backports. For
| buster+1, we can remove it from testing again, close to freeze.


 That sounds clearly that you want to hack the rules and don't want to
respect them.  That's not the best basis to hold a discussion about
something you want us to do.

 Also, I have a question: From a quick grep'n'count you have 41 packages
in the NEW queue.  You have already 312 packages in stretch-backports.
Are you doing this all by yourself?  Who could/is willing to take over
that huge amount of packages to keep them in sync if your attention
shifts or if you burn out?  We have had a fair amount of
single-point-of-failures in the past and am burnt already by that, and
I don't wish you any bad, but I've seen people burn out with way less on
their shoulders.  Who else is behind this huge effort?  We are speaking
about more than 20% of the backports archive solely on your shoulders
here.  With all due respect and absolute in awe but that gets me worried
a bit.

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