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Re: linux backport in jessie LTS

On 04/22/2018 05:54 PM, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> The backports team decided in 2016 that backports suites will no longer
> be updated once the corresponding stable suite enters LTS.  This
> implies that jessie-backports will be closed at the end of May.
> It is clear that a fair number of wheezy LTS users relied on backported
> kernel versions and were caught out when this policy was applied to
> wheezy (and not announced as clearly as it could have been).  I would
> not be surprised if this recurs with jessie.
> Therefore, would it make sense to add a Linux 4.9 backport to the
> regular jessie and jessie-security suites?  Are there users currently
> running jessie with Linux 4.9 and expecting to continue doing so
> through the LTS period?

By all means, YES !


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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