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linux backport in jessie LTS

The backports team decided in 2016 that backports suites will no longer
be updated once the corresponding stable suite enters LTS.  This
implies that jessie-backports will be closed at the end of May.

It is clear that a fair number of wheezy LTS users relied on backported
kernel versions and were caught out when this policy was applied to
wheezy (and not announced as clearly as it could have been).  I would
not be surprised if this recurs with jessie.

Therefore, would it make sense to add a Linux 4.9 backport to the
regular jessie and jessie-security suites?  Are there users currently
running jessie with Linux 4.9 and expecting to continue doing so
through the LTS period?

(Maintaining kernel backports is generally quite easy once the suite
they are backported from is stable.)


Ben Hutchings
It is easier to write an incorrect program
than to understand a correct one.

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