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Re: linux backport in jessie LTS

* Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> [20180422 17:55]:
> Are there users currently
> running jessie with Linux 4.9 and expecting to continue doing so
> through the LTS period?


Not as many as we had wheezy systems with a backports Kernel when we
realized that there are no further updates, but some.

And if the hardware of a system currently requiring Debian jessie
for compatibility reasons fails, replacement hardware will probably
need a newer kernel - and in this situation it will need it in a

Intevation is an LTS sponsor, because we usually prefer Debian over
some of the other distributions offering LTS releases.


P.S.: I've sent the answer to all lists where this was originally
posted. Should this be limited to a single list?

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