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Re: [Pkg-privacy-maintainers] Tor browser 0.28 is unusuable


Okay found the issue : after completely removing and reinstalling tor browser package (apt purge) everything went back fine... Looks like very Windows-y :D

2017-09-18 19:36 GMT+02:00 Julien Aubin <julien.aubin@gmail.com>:

python-gpg is 1.8.0-3+b2
python-gpgme was not installed, installed it (version 0.3-1.2)
libgpgme is 1.8.0-3+b2
libgcrypt20 is 1.7.6-2+deb9u2

Still does not work after installing python-gpgme

Note : all worked w/ torbrowser-launcher 0.2.6 (I had this from stretch, it was removed late in the testing phase), so the regression happened between the two releases.

2017-09-18 19:14 GMT+02:00 intrigeri <intrigeri@debian.org>:
Roger Shimizu:
> My system didn't have python-gpg, so I try to install it, which is
> 1.8.0-3+b2 in stretch.
> After that, I confirm it still works.

Thanks. So I have no idea. Might it matter whether the signing key is
already present in the keyring?

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