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Re: Bug in Jessie package; request process for backporting from Stretch?


Thanks for your quick response and guidance.

So I guess I should probably go back to my original plan of lodging a
bug report then (before I got sidetracked thinking a backport may be

Thanks for adding the grub-pc maintainers in (save me hunting it down).
I will take the discussion off list though as it seems like it's not
really relevant here.

I will put in a bug report and cc grub-pc maintainers there...

Thanks again.


On 08/10/15 23:40, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Hi,
> Jeremy Davis <jeremy@turnkeylinux.org> (2015-10-08):
>> I have hit a bug in the Jessie version of grub-pc and I have tested the
>> version in Stretch and the bug is fixed there. But I would much rather
>> use a backported package rather than a Stretch package.
>> Is there a process for requesting a package (and it's required
>> dependencies) to be backported to Jessie?
> It's nice to see that the bug's been fixed already. We usually
> encourage people to get bugs fixed through point releases (if
> feasible) instead of fixing through backports. I've added the
> grub-pc maintainers in copy, feel free to discuss your bug and
> the possibly already identified bug fix so that they consider
> backporting it to stable.
> Mraw,
> KiBi.

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