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Re: Bug in Jessie package; request process for backporting from Stretch?


Jeremy Davis <jeremy@turnkeylinux.org> (2015-10-08):
> I have hit a bug in the Jessie version of grub-pc and I have tested the
> version in Stretch and the bug is fixed there. But I would much rather
> use a backported package rather than a Stretch package.
> Is there a process for requesting a package (and it's required
> dependencies) to be backported to Jessie?

It's nice to see that the bug's been fixed already. We usually
encourage people to get bugs fixed through point releases (if
feasible) instead of fixing through backports. I've added the
grub-pc maintainers in copy, feel free to discuss your bug and
the possibly already identified bug fix so that they consider
backporting it to stable.


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