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Re: nftables framework updates for jessie-backports

On 29 September 2015 at 10:07, Vincent Cheng <vcheng@debian.org> wrote:
> No problem! Just to clarify, would you like me to upload nftables once
> you reupload to mentors (assuming that's what you meant above), or do
> you want to wait to get added to the ACL and take care of the upload
> yourself?

Well, I just opened a ticket requesting being added to the ACL. I
don't know how many time it may take.

I would do whatever is shorter in order to get nftables in jessie-backports.
If by the time my package is ready i'm not in the ACL, I would contact
you to sponsor the upload. Is this OK for you?

best regards.
Arturo Borrero González

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