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Re: [snimpy & python-cffi] Backports for wheezy from jessie.

On jeu. 05 mars 2015 à 13:53:44, Vincent Bernat wrote:
>  ❦  5 mars 2015 01:17 +0100, Pierre-Elliott Bécue <becue@crans.org> :
> > I wanted to use snimpy under wheezy, so I tried to backport it.
> snimpy as in Wheezy as almost the same features than the one currently
> in Jessie. It features some additional bugs since unittesting was a bit
> scarce.
> However, if you find the backport useful, I can sponsor it (including
> python-cffi backport). It is not clear if you are just requesting
> comments or also seeking sponsorship.

Actually, I'm interrested in comments, but I thought it would be
interresting to bring back a new version in wheezy backports. But, I don't
want to bring non-necessary work to you. I just had the feeling 0.8.3 was
more stable than 0.6.3, especially since you started to include python-cffi,
which seems to me a quite good improvement.

Anyway, feel free to sponsor it if you agree. Feel free not to if you think
that is non-necessary. I just wanted to offer potential contribution.

Thanks for your time, and also for snimpy. :)



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