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Re: remove owncloud from wheezy-bpo

El Dimecres, 19 de novembre de 2014, a les 15:52:31, Mike Gabriel va escriure:
> Hi Hakan,
> On  Di 18 Nov 2014 20:42:21 CET, Hakan Siktas wrote:
> > Do you have an advise for us, who already are using the ownCloud backport?
> Personally, I would add Debian jessie APT sources to my APT
> configuration and then...
>    apt-get update
>    apt-get install owncloud -t jessie
> and then remove Debian jessie from APT again (or do proper APT pinning).
> Of course, this won't install owncloud dependency packages with fixed
> security issues automatically, but it would be my compromise approach.
> I would also monitor when new owncloud related uploads to jessie occur
> in testing and then install those packages manually. The dependency
> stack of owncloud is not probablematic for 7.0.3. It is the
> build-chain of the new mediaelement package that convinced of my
> request of having owncloud plus deps removed from wheezy-bpo.

Before to do this problematic approach, please could you make some a 

1) the problem is the _number_ of build dependencies or the type of build 

2) Could you provide a list of the problematic dependencies? Maybe a team 
could made them for backports.

OTOH in theory Jessie should be stable in "February" ? "March?". So, we are 
talking about a few months to maintain backports ...

Best regards,


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