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Re: remove owncloud from wheezy-bpo

On Wed Nov 19 2014 at 7:12:02 PM Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda <leo@alaxarxa.net> wrote:
El Dimecres, 19 de novembre de 2014, a les 15:52:31, Mike Gabriel va escriure:
> The dependency
> stack of owncloud is not probablematic for 7.0.3. It is the
> build-chain of the new mediaelement package that convinced of my
> request of having owncloud plus deps removed from wheezy-bpo.

Before to do this problematic approach, please could you make some a

1) the problem is the _number_ of build dependencies or the type of build

2) Could you provide a list of the problematic dependencies? Maybe a team
could made them for backports.

If we are talking of a few (at most 10 or more if there are other person available, and anyway I'd need a sponsor) packages to backport I'm available to help. As a user of owncloud I've all the interest of keeping it on wheezy-backports.

OTOH in theory Jessie should be stable in "February" ? "March?". So, we are
talking about a few months to maintain backports ...

I disagree. Jessie will be release in the next month (say, during the spring) but not all people upgrade their server right after the release (for sure I won't). A backport imho should be maintained at least until 2016.

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