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Re: wheezy-backports package of python-django missing (at least) one file?!?

On 28 June 2014 01:45, Matthew Vernon <matthew@debian.org> wrote:
python-django in stable(1.4.5-1+deb7u4) and testing(1.6.5-1) both
contain /usr/share/pyshared/django/conf/urls/defaults.py

The wheezy-backports version (1.6.5-1~bpo70+1) is missing this file,
which causes much of django to fall over in a heap.

Why is this file missing? Could it be fixed, please? Presumably I could
build a version myself if you like...

Are you sure about this?

I don't see it here:


or here:


See https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.6/internals/deprecation/:

Django 1.6 "django.conf.urls.defaults will be removed. The functions include(), patterns() and url() plus handler404, handler500, are now available through django.conf.urls ."
Brian May <brian@microcomaustralia.com.au>

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