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Re: whatmaps 0.0.6-1~bpo70+1 bugs

Hi Robert,

On 06.06.2014 10:24, Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:
I noticed a few trivial bugs in the backport.

* Serious: missing dependency on python-pkg-resources  [...]
* Grave: removing but not purging breaks package installation  [...]
* Minor: the binary is only for root [...]

Thanks for reporting these issues back. Unless the bugs are specific to the backports distribution (e.g. wheezy-backports) the usual process to get them fixed in backports is to fix them via unstable and testing first.

As these bugs do not look like they are specific to wheezy-backports, have they already been reported to the BTS? If yes: which bug numbers? If no: Can you please do so?

Thanks a lot in advance for your contribution.


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