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Re: Backporting of python-zmq

martin f krafft schrieb am Monday, den 09. September 2013:

> also sprach Joe Healy <joehealy@gmail.com> [2013.09.09.1458 +0200]:
> > The package in question this time is libzmq3. As it is not in stable
> > at all, I assume that an unversioned dependency will be sufficient.
> Yes, if the dependency cannot be satisfied from stable, I think that
> backports will be used. Essentially it depends on the resolver,
> however. APT can't do that, aptitude can. Let's try without
> a version…
If a dependency is availabe in stable, you need a versioned dependency.
Otherwise the experimental resolver used by the buildds won't work.

If the dependency is only available in backports, no version is needed.

Generally, the same rules apply to backports that are valid for experimental.

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