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Re: Backporting of python-zmq

On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 11:11 PM, Julian Taylor
<jtaylor.debian@googlemail.com> wrote:
> On 04.09.2013 17:37, Joe Healy wrote:
>> Hi Julian,
>> I've backported python-zmq to squeeze and wheezy. There was some minor
>> work required for squeeze, but wheezy was trivial.
> As I understand the point is to have zmq3 based pyzmq in wheezy and squeeze.
> Don't you need to add a versioned build depend on the zmq3 backport for
> that?
> Or are backports automatically built against other backports?

Your understanding is correct. Our aim is to backport salt to wheezy
and squeeze, which is far more reliable when using zmq3.

My understanding is that backports are built against other backports,
but I have not yet witnessed it personally.

> The patches look fine, but I'm not in the backports keyring either so I
> can't upload (yet).
> If you have a sponsor for salt, maybe he/she also can upload this for you.

My sponsor (Martin Krafft) is able to, but where possible would prefer
the package maintainer to do so.

> If not I should probably get myself in the keyring anyway.

If you should do so anyway, this is maybe a good prompt to do so, but
I don't know how long it takes.

> Thanks for passing the patches by me.

No worries.



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