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iceweasel 10.0.11 i386 - no flash

Hi there,

I've run into this annoying problem that iceweasel 10.0.11 as found in
debian backports running on a squeeze xfce (i386) just fails to find
the flash plugin (which I know have installed) I've tried with both
the flashplugin-nonfree package and the flashplayer-mozilla package
from the deb-multimedia repo.

Curiously, the same backport, but on a Squeeze gnome amd64 system has
no problems.

I've tried purging all the packages and reinstalling. I've deleted all
the hidden folders in my $HOME folder:


and then reinstalling, but still iceweasel fails this flash test, and
fails to play youtube videos, or any video requiring flash (youtube's
HTML5 beta does work)

I don't know what else I should try...

Any helṕ is appreciated.


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