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Re: calligra 2.6.0 backport for 3.2.0-3-amd64-rt debian

On Thu, 27 Dec 2012 17:33:22 +0400
oeai <oeai@symbiants.com> wrote:

> hello

Wrong list, you need the debian-mentors@lists.debian.org to help you
learn how to adapt current Debian packaging.


It looks like you've chosen the wrong version of calligra to test as
well - backports can only be done for the same version of the package
is currently in testing (wheezy) which is 2.4.3 not 2.6.0


2.6.0 would need to go into experimental as a new upstream release,
working with the existing maintainers. Testing (wheezy) is currently
frozen, there is no prospect of 2.6.0 getting into wheezy and therefore
it cannot also be done as a backport to squeeze. Once wheezy is
released as the new stable (squeeze becomes oldstable), 2.6.0 could be
introduced into Debian unstable, migrate into testing (which will have
the Jessie name by then) and then backported to wheezy-backports, maybe.

Why did you select 2.6.0 to work on?

> i've recently compiled the calligra package it takes about half of an hour

On Squeeze? It sounds like you've done that from the upstream source -
what would be more useful would be to build the version of calligra as
it is in Wheezy on Squeeze - the Debian package, not the upstream

It's quite common for compilation to take that length of time. (I'm
testing one currently which takes ~2hrs).

> so i decided to send to community but i don't know how to make it .deb 
> i've done with changelog but not with the control file, maybe there's a 
> previous  version of those files so i could just modify it a little?

apt-get source calligra

For that to work, you just need to add a deb-src for wheezy
in /etc/apt/sources.list - copy your existing deb-src line and change
squeeze to wheezy. Then re-run sudo apt-get update

That way, you can download the wheezy source without actually upgrading
your installation to wheezy.

> the compiled bins are abot 400mb long and my config is like in calligra 
> site for building a package manual  and it installs in $home/kde4/inst 
> directory instead of /usr or /usr/local
> so this should be modified probably
> http://devel.symbiants.com/calligra.tar.bz2
> here's the tarball, i just don't know what else to do with it.

Nothing useful can be done with that, it needs to be based on the
current package in Wheezy and then built as a Debian package on Squeeze.


Neil Williams

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