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Re: Dovecot in backports

On Sat, 30 Jun 2012, Rik Theys wrote:

> On 06/29/2012 10:31 PM, micah anderson wrote:
> >After getting the go ahead from the maintainers, I uploaded
> >dovecot-antispam and dovecot2 to BPO yesterday. Because dovecot-antispam
> >is already in BPO, it was accepted right away, the dovecot2 packages are
> >waiting in NEW.
> >
> >The dovecot-antispam package has strict version dependence. This means
> >that it only works with the version of dovecot that it was built
> >against. I built it on my amd64 machine against the 2.1.17 version that
> >is pending in BPO's NEW right now. However, what ended up happening is
> >that the BPO autobuilders picked it up and built it against stable
> >dovecot1.
> >
> >So right now the dovecot-antispam package in BPO is somewhat useless,
> >it doesn't work with dovecot1 or dovecot2 (unless you are on an amd64
> >machine, in that case it works for dovecot2).
> >
> >The question is, do we go ahead with letting dovecot2 into BPO, and then
> >do binNMUs on dovecot-antispam to make it work with dovecot2?
> Is it not possible to put the dovecot-antispam back and create a
> dovecot2-antispam package that works with the new dovecot2 package?
I am usually against those plans. Backports are done from testing, and
testing does not have such a package. Therefore there is not testing and so
on, if the source introduces some exotic incompatibility with dovecot1 nobody
will detect it until it is in backports.


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