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Dovecot in backports

Hi everyone, especially Dovecot users...

We have a funny situation in backports that we need to solve.

After getting the go ahead from the maintainers, I uploaded
dovecot-antispam and dovecot2 to BPO yesterday. Because dovecot-antispam
is already in BPO, it was accepted right away, the dovecot2 packages are
waiting in NEW.

The dovecot-antispam package has strict version dependence. This means
that it only works with the version of dovecot that it was built
against. I built it on my amd64 machine against the 2.1.17 version that
is pending in BPO's NEW right now. However, what ended up happening is
that the BPO autobuilders picked it up and built it against stable

So right now the dovecot-antispam package in BPO is somewhat useless,
it doesn't work with dovecot1 or dovecot2 (unless you are on an amd64
machine, in that case it works for dovecot2). 

The question is, do we go ahead with letting dovecot2 into BPO, and then
do binNMUs on dovecot-antispam to make it work with dovecot2? 

The problem with doing this is that dovecot1 users in squeeze would no
longer have dovecot-antispam available to them (because there would no
longer be a version that works with dovecot1 available in the archive,
either in squeeze or BPO).

For those who have already installed it, they wouldn't lose their
package, but if their system were to require reinstallation they would
need to either get that package from backports, or from
snapshots.debian.org, which is a bit cumbersome. The worst case scenario
here is we take away the ability for people to fix it, if they
accidentally upgrade.  (Those who have it already installed wouldn't be
forced into upgrading to dovecot2/antispam2, but could if they wanted

For those who have not installed dovecot-antispam, they would not have
it available (except for through snapshots.debian.org) and would have to
either decide between: a. not using dovecot-antispam; b. pulling the
package from snapshots; c. upgrade to dovecot2 immediately. Personally,
I think people who are installing dovecot for the first time should be
going with dovecot 2 now, rather than doing dovecot1 and then trying to
upgrade later.

Are there people who would would prefer to stick with squeeze's version
of dovecot + dovecot-antispam? 

Should we put the old dovecot-antispam back into BPO? Or can we bend the
BPO rules just a little bit and make a a (new) dovecot-antispam1 source
package for the old one, so there is one for both versions of dovecot?
That would mean dovecot-antispam would be the same package we had last
week, just renamed so it could coexist with the one built for 2.x.

Right now, things are busted, and we need to fix it, but the path is not



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