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Re: weechat-curses_0.3.7-1~bpo60+1_armel: Aborts with *** glibc detected *** weechat-curses: corrupted double-linked list: 0x001acc60 ***

On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 11:10:02AM +0200, Emmanuel Bouthenot wrote:
> Could you send the 'bt full' log so that it could be easier to track
> and fix this issue.

I have pasted the output here (doesn't look too useful to me):


I included the output from the gdb invocation as I don't know whether 
the line "(no debugging symbols found)...done." bears any importance.

Let me know if I can help you in any other way.  You can also get hold 
of me in the #weechat channel, where I'm now idling as Kaare.

Regards, Kaare

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