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Re: libreoffice: US Letter selected when A4 present in /etc/papersize

dE . schrieb am Friday, den 13. April 2012:

> On 04/13/12 21:30, Andres Cimmarusti wrote:
> >Please stop adding to this debacle...
> >
> >@A Bug Reporter:
> >We understand you are frustrated with certain piece of software, but
> >berating people who work on it on a volunteer basis is not going to
> >help much. All you will get is harsh replies. Rene offered you
> >workarounds and solutions on his first two replies. Though you thanked
> >him, you also vented your frustration at him.
> >You said there were issues with using openoffice in stable, but you
> >didn't specify. If it's so crippling, have you submitted a bug report
> >to debian about it? it could get fixed in stable.
> >
> >@dE:
> >Please, hijacking a thread just to increase the frustration venting is
> >not beneficial.
> >
> >@everyone:
> >A Bug Reporter and dE are not the first people I've come across that
> >say that Libreoffice / Openoffice are broken in many regards (not long
> >a go two friends told me they are fed up with LO crashing all the
> >time). An office productivity suite is what most regular users
> >interact with everyday. If it's having tremendous issues, then this is
> >a HUGE problem for FOSS initiatives. In a sense, LO is giving FOSS bad
> >PR.
> >
> >This is a complicated issue, because TDF (Document Foundation)
> >probably releases LO early so it gets testing and the bugs are worked
> >out. I suppose they don't have the resources to have more LO dedicated
> >testers in alpha, beta and RC stages, so that crippling bugs don't
> >make their way to stable releases. Could this request for dedicated
> >testers be submitted upstream? Maybe a longer stabilization period
> >could be proposed (more alphas, betas and RCs)? I will try to see if I
> >can become a tester of early snapshots of Libreoffice, but it seems to
> >me, the development speed needs to be stalled a bit so that things
> >aren't so buggy.
> >
> >
> First, we need to know the release cycles.
> Actually it's TDF's fault too, these major bugs are a year old, but
> they appear to be focusing on 'features'. The OOo fork completely
> broke the project.
> As of the current time, KDE and libreoffice are the top 2 buggy
> software on the desktop.
What on "stop it", was so hard to understand?

This is your last warning.

Alex - Debian Listmaster

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