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Re: libreoffice: US Letter selected when A4 present in /etc/papersize

On 04/13/12 21:30, Andres Cimmarusti wrote:
Please stop adding to this debacle...

@A Bug Reporter:
We understand you are frustrated with certain piece of software, but
berating people who work on it on a volunteer basis is not going to
help much. All you will get is harsh replies. Rene offered you
workarounds and solutions on his first two replies. Though you thanked
him, you also vented your frustration at him.
You said there were issues with using openoffice in stable, but you
didn't specify. If it's so crippling, have you submitted a bug report
to debian about it? it could get fixed in stable.

Please, hijacking a thread just to increase the frustration venting is
not beneficial.

A Bug Reporter and dE are not the first people I've come across that
say that Libreoffice / Openoffice are broken in many regards (not long
a go two friends told me they are fed up with LO crashing all the
time). An office productivity suite is what most regular users
interact with everyday. If it's having tremendous issues, then this is
a HUGE problem for FOSS initiatives. In a sense, LO is giving FOSS bad

This is a complicated issue, because TDF (Document Foundation)
probably releases LO early so it gets testing and the bugs are worked
out. I suppose they don't have the resources to have more LO dedicated
testers in alpha, beta and RC stages, so that crippling bugs don't
make their way to stable releases. Could this request for dedicated
testers be submitted upstream? Maybe a longer stabilization period
could be proposed (more alphas, betas and RCs)? I will try to see if I
can become a tester of early snapshots of Libreoffice, but it seems to
me, the development speed needs to be stalled a bit so that things
aren't so buggy.

First, we need to know the release cycles.

Actually it's TDF's fault too, these major bugs are a year old, but they appear to be focusing on 'features'. The OOo fork completely broke the project.

As of the current time, KDE and libreoffice are the top 2 buggy software on the desktop.

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