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Re: libreoffice: US Letter selected when A4 present in /etc/papersize

On 04/13/12 21:49, Andres Cimmarusti wrote:
:-D :-D

But the format is open.
This is not completely true, see here:


"Worst of all, it has already done so. Microsoft Office 2007 uses by
default a format based on the patented OOXML format. (This is the one
that Microsoft got declared an “open standard” by political
manipulation and packing standards committees.) The actual format is
not entirely OOXML, and it is not entirely documented. Microsoft
offers a gratis patent license for OOXML on terms which do not allow
free implementations. We are thus beginning to receive Word files in a
format that free programs are not even allowed to read."

Patents are best ignored. You'll never be targeted.

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