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Re: Cannot boot with raid1 and lvm since and initrd 0.99~bpo60+1

Am 03.03.2012 18:37, Ben Hutchings wrote:

Why do you have 2.6.32-bpo.5?  Did you not fully upgrade to squeeze?

Good question. That was the version i took from backports (before 3.x
entered) and at that time it was more recent than squeeze-vanilla. The
reason for bpo was - and still is - qemu and kvm. I have Windows guests
on the machine and needed to forward some finicky usb devices to them.

If you have fully upgraded to squeeze and don't have any older packages,
then I suggest you report a bug in initramfs-tools to the Debian BTS.
This package version is identical to initramfs-tools 0.99 and I don't
see any obviously related fixes in initramfs-tools 0.100.

I just finished installing Debian Squeeze with the mentioned backports
and LVM and RAID1 in VirtualBox from scratch. And the <beep> thing
boots just fine. So, i guess something went south during all the upgrades.
The setup on that machine went from potato -> squeeze, over many years.
Hardware was changed multiple times, but the OS was just tarred and copied
over each time (or upgraded in-place)...

But the old kernel version did work for you, so you do have the option
to downgrade both.

Not really, since the reason for 3.x is - again - newer kvm/qemu versions
and the (experimental) desire to forward a PCI card to a guest (which did
not really work in 2.6.32)...


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