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Re: Trac 0.12 backport do squeeze

On 11/11/2011 03:45 AM, Manuel Holtgrewe wrote:
> Do you mean I should report the bug for squeeze that does not have the
> backported trac 0.12, do you mean I should report the bug for testing,
> or do you mean something else?

if you can pin the problem down on a particular misbehavior in the
packages in squeeze (e.g. a small python script test case) then filing a
bug againstthe squeeze package is totally fine (even though squeeze
itself doesn't have trac 0.12 in it).

it's good for the release managers and for the package maintainers to be
aware of suboptimal behavior, and it's good for users to have that
documented as well.

In the worst case, it just becomes a documented known issue with
squeeze.  in the best case, we can find a non-intrusive way to resolve
it and get it fixed in the next squeeze point release.  These would both
be good outcomes.



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