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Re: Upload to squeeze-backports silently fails

* Julien Valroff <julien@debian.org> [2011-03-13 18:11:16 CET]:
> Though, I would still expect to get direct notification, what do you think?

 This is a chicken-egg problem. Before someone hasn't uploaded their
first package they aren't added to the mail whitelist. This is because
we don't want to send out mail triggers to the original
maintainer(teams) if they aren't interested, to keep the annoyance (and
thus acceptance) of the backports service low.

 I'm thinking of incorporating into the key adding workflow to add the
email address to the whitelist right ahead, but this has to receive some
more thoughts before it gets put into place, to avoid at least parts of
this in the future.

 Thanks for understanding,
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