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Re: Opening Squeeze backports

On 12/10/2010 02:14 PM, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> Thomas Goirand schrieb am Friday, den 10. December 2010:
> Hi, 
>> One of my package has been removed from Squeeze. Not because I wanted
>> so, but because that's what the release team thought was the thing to
>> do: I didn't agree, but never mind, it's done! :).
>> I didn't really mind if there was backports for Squeeze. The thing is,
>> is there the possibility to upload backports for Squeeze already? Not
>> having such repo is annoying me already. I don't think so. So I'm
>> asking: would now be the time?
> No, squeeze backports will be opened if there is a squeeze. 

Would you please tell why such restriction? Also, what are my options to
solve this issue if I don't want to force my users to use SID
(especially at the time of the release, when there wont be Squeeze
backports yet)?


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