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Opening Squeeze backports


One of my package has been removed from Squeeze. Not because I wanted
so, but because that's what the release team thought was the thing to
do: I didn't agree, but never mind, it's done! :).

I didn't really mind if there was backports for Squeeze. The thing is,
is there the possibility to upload backports for Squeeze already? Not
having such repo is annoying me already. I don't think so. So I'm
asking: would now be the time?

Also, has the procedure to upload to backports.d.o changed since it's
moved away from backports.org? Do you still need to add my PGP key, or
is my DD key already in? Should I use a different incoming FTP? Please
let me know about this, even if you don't wish to open Squeeze backports


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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